Do you need a new piece of webbing? If so, you’ll want to check out 18″ Width Square Cane Webbing. This webbing is perfect for use in a variety of applications, from rigging and suspension to customizing your own gear. In addition to its versatility, 18″ width square cane webbing is also high quality. You can count on it to perform as expected every time you need it, no matter the situation. So why wait? Get in touch with our team today and start shopping for the best 18″ width square cane webbing available.

What is Square Cane Webbing?

Looking for a width of square cane webbing? You’ve come to the right place! At ABC Weaving, we offer a variety of widths of square cane webbing that are perfect for your needs. Our webbing is available in both 20mm and 25mm widths, and delivered quickly and affordably 18″ Width Square Cane Webbing.

Types of Square Cane Webbing

There are a few types of square cane webbing that are available for purchase. The most common type is nylon webbing, which for both recreational and functional purposes. Nylon webbing is the cheapest option and has a low resistance to wear and tear.

Another type of square canewebbing is silicone-coated nylon webbing. This coating makes it resistant to oil and water, making it ideal for use in environments with heavy traffic or exposure to contaminants. Silicone-coated nylon webbing also has a higher resistance to wear and tear than regular nylon webbing.

The final type of square cane webbing is stainless steel cable. Stainless steel cable is the highest quality option and has the strongest resistance to wear and tear. It is also the most expensive option, but it may be worth it if you need the strongest possibleWebbing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Square Cane Webbing

There are many benefits to using square cane webbing when constructing a climbing system. The main advantages include:

-square cane webbing is cheaper than other types of webbing
-square cane is easy to handle and tie off
-it can be easily cut to the correct length
-square cane webbing is strong and durable

Square Cane Webbing for Sale

Looking for square cane webbing? You’re in luck, because we have a wide variety of square cane webbing for sale at low prices. Our webbing made from the highest quality materials and is guaranteed to durable. We also offer fast delivery, so you can get your order quickly.


Square canes come in a variety of widths, which can make them more or less comfortable to use. If you’re looking for a square cane that is 18″ wide, be sure to check out our selection. Our cokes made from high-quality webbing and are affordable and fast delivery. Whether you need one cane for personal use or want to order several so an adequate supply on hand, what you need.