Cane basket weaving is one of the oldest crafts in the world and it remains a popular art form today. Originally used as a means of transportation, canebasket weaving has evolved into something much more. As you might imagine, the process of canebasket weaving is quite complex. In this article, we will explore the history and art of this old craft and explain how you can learn to do it yourself.

What is Cane Basket Weaving?

Cane basket weaving is an ancient craft that still practiced today in parts of Africa and South America. Cane baskets are often used for ceremonial purposes, such as holding flowers or fruits during baptism or weddings. They can also be decorative pieces, used to hold jewelry or other small objects. The baskets are typically woven from a single piece of cane. Which then cut into strips and shaped into the desired form. The process of basket weaving is labor intensive and requires a great deal of skill.

History of Cane Basket Weaving

The cane basket craft is one that has been around for centuries. It is an interesting art form that dates back to the ancient civilizations of Africa and East Asia. The baskets made from a variety of materials, but most often they made from woven cane.

Cane baskets originally used as containers for food or other items. They also used as decorations ornaments. Today, cane baskets are still popular art objects. They used for a variety of purposes, including as decorative elements in home decorating. As gifts, or as part of a collection.

How to do Cane Basket Weaving

Cane basket weaving is an ancient craft that dates back thousands of years. It believed to originated in Africa. And later brought to the Americas by the slave trade. Today, cane basket weaving is still a popular art form throughout the world.

To begin cane basket, you will need a variety of canes. You can find these at most garden centers or hardware stores. The canes should be around 18 inches long, and should be flexible enough to form into baskets without breaking.

Once you have your canes, you will need to prepare the loom. This process involves stretching the canes out on a frame so that they evenly spaced. You then need to tie the ends of the canes together using a simple knot.

Next, you will needed to weave the cane baskets. To do this, you will first need to attach one end of a cane to an upright post on the frame. Then, you wrap the cane around the post several times until it is tightly secured. You can then continue wrapping the cane around the post until it forms a loop. Finally, you will pull on the loop until it tightens up against the post.

Now that you have created your first basket, it is time to start adding decorations. And design elements to it using other canes that attached to loops on either side of your original basket knot. You can add patterns, colors, and textiles onto your baskets in any way


Cane basket weaving is an old craft that has been around for centuries. It interesting to learn about the history and art behind cane basket weaving, and to see how it being practiced today. If you interested in cane basket weaving, be sure to check out some of the resources included in this article and start exploring this ancient craft yourself.