8 Reasons to Make a Coiled Basket

Coiled basketry is a craft that has been around for centuries. It’s a beautiful and useful way to create stunning pieces of art from everyday materials. Not only can it be used to create stylish displays, but it can also be used as an effective way to store items. Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet or want something decorative, here are eight reasons why you should consider making your own coiled basket. From learning a new skill to creating something unique, these reasons will help you understand the appeal of this age-old craft.

The History of Coiled Baskets

The art of coil basketry is believed to date back over 10,000 years ago. The first baskets were probably made from plant materials that were readily available and easy to work with. As time progressed, different cultures began using different materials to make their baskets. Some of the most popular materials used in coil baskets include: willow, pine needles, sweetgrass, and reeds.

Coil baskets have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history. They’ve been used for storage, transportation, and even as cooking vessels. In many cultures, coil baskets are also seen as works of art. Today, there are still many people who practice the art of coil basketry. And while the materials and methods may have changed over time, the basic principle remains the same: coils of material are tightly woven together to create a sturdy and beautiful basket.

How to Make a Coiled Basket

There are many reasons to make a coiled basket, but one of the best is that it’s a relatively simple process that doesn’t require many materials. All you need is some sturdy paper or fabric, scissors, and glue.

To start, cut a strip of paper or fabric about 1 inch wide and as long as you want your basket to be. Then, cut a second strip that is twice as wide. Fold the wider strip in half lengthwise, and then glue the two strips together at one end.

Now you’re ready to start coiling! To do this, simply take the end of the strips and wrap it around the other strip, gluing it down as you go. Continue wrapping and gluing until you reach the desired width for your basket. Once you’re happy with the size, trim any excess strips and glue down the end to secure it.

There you have it – a beautiful handmade coiled basket!

The benefits of making your own coiled basket

1. The benefits of making your own coiled basket:

Making your own coiled basket has a number of benefits. Firstly, it is a very rewarding process. Secondly, it is an excellent way to use up any leftover yarn or fabric scraps. Thirdly, it is a great way to relax and de-stress. Lastly, it makes a beautiful and unique gift for someone special.

8 Reasons to Make a Coiled Basket

1. Coiled baskets are sturdy and can last for many years with proper care.

2. Coiled baskets are unique and add a touch of personality to any home.

3. Coiled baskets can be used for a variety of purposes, from storage to decoration.

4. Coiled baskets are relatively easy to make, even for beginners.

5. Coiled baskets make great gifts for friends and family members.


Making a coiled basket is a great way to practice an ancient craft and create something unique. Not only do these baskets have practical uses, but they also make for beautiful decorations or gifts. With the right materials and tools, anyone can learn to make their own coiled basket in no time. Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby or just want to add some handmade items to your home decor, give coil basket making a try!