How To Make A Pre – Woven Open Mesh Cane

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology rules and instant gratification is king, people are looking for ways to curb their reliance on technology. One way to do this is through physical activity. For those looking for an easy way to incorporate some physical activity into their day, a cane may be the perfect solution. Cane making has been around for centuries, and there are many different types of canes out there. In this blog post, we will show you how to make a pre-woven open mesh cane from scratch. This cane is made from a special type of fabric that allows air to flow freely through it, which makes it comfortable to hold and use. If you are interested in making your own cane, please read on!



-1 yard of 100% cotton open mesh fabric
-6″ metal dowel rod
-13/16″ hole saw
-1″ drill bit
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-sewing kit

1. Sew a 1″ hem on one end of the open mesh fabric. This will act as your cane’s handle.
2. Cut a 13/16″ hole in the center of the metal dowel rod. The hole should be centered in the edge of the raw edge of the cotton fabric you sewed at step 1. Make sure to keep the fabric long enough so that it can wrap around both ends of the metal dowel rod (see diagram). Glue and screw in place the metal dowel rod so that it forms a U shape (see diagram). Leave about 2 inches of wire hanging out of each end of the U shape (see diagram).
3. Cut 6 pieces, each approximately 24″ long, from the remaining length of your cotton fabric. Mark these pieces along one side with a pencil so you know which end is which when you are finished cutting them (see diagram). Sew each piece of fabric together along one side, using a 1/8 inch seam allowance (see diagram). Do not over sew! You just want to close up any gaps that may have formed while sewing together the lengthwise edges of each piece of fabric.

How to Make a Pre-Woven Open Mesh Cane

Pre-woven open mesh canes are a great way to stay stylish and comfortable while you walk. They’re easy to make and require just a few supplies.

To make a pre-woven open mesh cane, you’ll need:

– Pre-woven open mesh fabric
– Scissors
– Nylon thread
– Trowel or spade

Final Thoughts

Pre-woven open mesh canes offer a light, comfortable cane that’s easy to use and convenient to store. The canes are also durable and long lasting.