10 Supplies You’ll Need To Start Round Reed Basket Weaving

Round Reed Basket Weaving is a craft that’s gaining popularity again, thanks to its unique and intricate patterns. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to start round Reed Basket Weaving, and provide you with the supplies you’ll need. From dyes to needles to thread, read on to get started!

What is Round Reed Basket Weaving?

Round Reed Basket Weaving is a type of weaving that uses a circular loom. It’s a fun and easy weave to start, and it can be used to create many different items. You will need the following supplies to get started:

-Round Reed Loom
-Weaving Hook
-Weaving Yarn (thicker yarn is better for this weave)
-Tapestry Needle
-Thread Supply Box or Spoolie (optional)

1. Choose your loom. You can use any round loom, but a heddle box and Shuttle would be ideal for this particular weave.
2. Pick your weaving yarn. Thicker yarn works better for this weave because it provides greater stability on the fabric.
3. Set up your loom. Make sure the warp (the vertical fibers) are hanging down and Alignment Bar is in the down position, then raise the Healds up until they are touching the Beam. Make sure the warps are not twisted; if they are, you will need to untwist them before continuing. 4. Place the weaving hook in the centre of one of the warps and pull tight; you should now have a loop on your hook. 5. Hold onto one end of the loop with one hand while using your other hand to draw up another warp close to but not touching the first one; make sure that both warps are drawn

The Supplies You’ll Need

In order to start round reed basket weaving, you’ll need the following supplies:
-A couple of sets of round reed baskets
-A frame or other platform to weave on
-String or cord to tie the baskets together
-Wool yarn in a variety of colors and textures
-Pins or needles

How to Start Round Reed Basket Weaving

To start round reed basket weaving, you will need to gather the following supplies:
-6-8 yards of strong cotton twill fabric (width is up to you), preferably a natural fiber
-Round reed baskets or other suitable containers
-Weaving loom and warping board
-Darning needle
-Pins or needles
-Ruler or measuring tape
1. Cut your fabric into 12″-18″ wide pieces. The width of the strips you use will depend on the size of your baskets.
2. Arrange a single strip of fabric horizontally across your weaving loom, leaving a 3″ border all around. Weave in and out of the long sides of the strip, making sure to keep the edges even. Place another strip of fabric on top, so that it covers the first one completely. Weave in and out like this until your basket is about 3⁄4″ high, ending with a wrong side facing out (see illustration). Trim off any excess fabric at the top and bottom of your basket.
3. Turn your woven basket over so that the right side is facing down on your warping board. Pin around each edge loosely with pins or needles, then stretch gently until your basket stretches slightly (see illustration). Remove any pins or needles before continuing.
4. With a darning needle, weave an inchlong chain between each pair of stitches around the entire perimeter of your woven basket (

What to Make With Your Round Reed Basket Weaving

Round Reed Basket Weaving is a great way to use up some of those colorful rope ends, and it’s a very forgiving weaving technique that can be learned in no time. Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started: • Rope or yarn (enough for desired length of basket) • Round reed basket (or other large container) • Knife or scissors • Tampons or cloths to smooth the weave • Hot glue gun and glue sticks • Wooden dowel or chopsticks