The History, Meaning, and Use of Wicker Cane

For centuries, wicker cane has been used as a staple piece of furniture. Not only is it functional, but it’s also stylish and very versatile. In this blog post, we will explore the history, meaning, and use of wicker cane. From its origins to modern day applications, read on to learn more about this versatile piece of furniture.

What is Wicker Cane?

Wicker cane is a type of walking stick made from woven cane strips. Originally, wicker canes were used as tools for gathering fruit and vegetables, but they are now often used as decorative pieces. Wicker canes come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be made to any desired length. They are also popular as wedding gifts.

The History of Wicker Cane

The history of wicker cane starts in China more than 2,000 years ago when people began using the sturdy plant material to make furniture, baskets, and other items. In India, wicker cane was used as a traditional building material for bridges and canals. Wicker cane became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages because it is strong and lightweight.

Wicker cane is still used today to create furniture, baskets, and other items. The sturdy plant material is also popular for use in landscaping because it is resistant to decay and pests.

Meaning of Wicker Cane

Wicker cane is a type of cane made from the stems and leaves of the cassava plant. The word “wicker” comes from the Middle English word “wirche,” which means “a kind of basket.” Wicker canes were used in the past to carry goods and to make baskets. Today, wicker canes are popular souvenirs, furniture, and decorations.

How to Use Wicker Cane

Wicker canes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for a variety of tasks. Here are some tips on how to use wicker canes:

To start, find the right cane for your needs. Wicker canes come in different lengths and widths, so be sure to choose one that is comfortable and fits your hand nicely.

Next, determine the task you want to perform with the cane. Canes are great for walking, helping you stay balanced while crossing streets, or reaching high objects.

Finally, practice using the cane until you feel confident with its use. Once you’re ready, enjoy your new tool!


There is a lot of history and meaning surrounding wicker cane, and we hope that our article has shown you just a little bit of what it is. Whether you are looking for an unusual accent to use in your home or want to add an interesting element to your gardening style, wicker cane can be the perfect choice. Thanks for reading!