Chair Caning Footstool Weaving Kit

This chair Caning Footstool Kit is drilled to fit small to medium-sized canes that are narrow . This footstool is not only a kit great for teaching beginning students how to cane chairs, but it’s a great stool for practice as well. You’ll be happy to discover that the materials used to make this footstool are top-quality, resulting in a beautiful product. Teachers: Provide the students you teach with kits and they will all be able to learn about the same task. There is no need to transport their own chairs to classes! The finished frame was painted with the oak weaver’s stain prior to weaving. Legs are beveled and the frame is multi-level as seen. The product comes with an unassembled Footstool Frame comprising Legs, 270′ of narrow medium cane, Binder with 12 Pegs the Chair Caning Booklet, as well as a the awl with a plastic handle, as seen in the image of the product above. It is sold unassembled. It will require a small amount of carpenters’ glue in order to put the frame together. Beginners’ Tip: Make be sure that you weave the initial two rows loosely, so that the frame is smooth when you put your hands on it. This means that the cane should have a little movement to it. Don’t make these rows in a tight manner or the final row won’t fit in the pattern. The images below show the same footstool being constructed. The smooth, finished pattern on the right was created with the initial two rows of loosely woven, like the photo to the left.