EXCEART 20Pcs Loom Bands kit Weave Basket Weaving kit Rattan Basket Flat Reed Coil Binding Cane Woven Chair Basket kit Basket Cane Basket caning kit to Weave Suite Bamboo Adhesive Wooden

  • Furniture cane webbing they could be utilized to make baskets as well as a seats.
  • Cane weavingis made from bamboo cane, natuaral and soft.

The characteristics include:

200cm(Length); 0.8-1cm(Width) weaving of cane.
– Bamboo cane basket.
Color: As shown cane made of rattan.
It is possible to use them to weave baskets, and also as a seat basket caning kits.
Bamboo cane – Made from bamboo as well as natuaral, and a Soft Basket Kit.

Goods Description
Basket flat reeds and are natural fix binder canes.basket kit used by weavers to create baskets and seats