270′ Coil of Cane with a Binder Strip, Choose Your Size: Superfine 2mm, Fine-fine 2.25mm, Fine 2.5mm, Narrow-medium 2.75mm, Medium 3mm (Fine 2.5mm)

  • Enough to weave one average size cane seat
  • Strip of 4mm binding cane included
  • Choose the size that you need
  • Tools & Instructions NOT included

Chair Cane For Sale – Product Description

This is a 270′ coil of strand chair cane with 8′ of 4mm binder cane. It’s usually enough to do a single seat. You can choose from: Superfine 2.0mm Fine-Fine 2.25mm Fine 2.5mm Narrow-Medium 2.75mm Medium 3.0mm