Traditional Craft Kits Coil Basket Kit – Pine Needle – Basket Weaving Kit Set with Supplies, Complete with Instructional Booklets and Basket Making Supplies

  • Make your own gallery with traditional arts and crafts: Learn how to make baskets!This kit shows you how to coil pine needles into a basket. Promotes mindfulness! Kit makes a coiled basket between 4 and 6 inches wide
  • Kit comes in a bag with: pine needles, tapestry needles, coiling gauges and instructions.
  • Water, a pot in which to boil needles or soak them, a towel, calipers, and scissors are all you need. Be prepared to invest some time in this project. This project could take up to 6 hours spread over several days.
  • This kit is for those with intermediate skills: 12 years and older. Adult participation required for younger children.
  • Learn, Create and Inspire: Learning a new craft is a great way to gain confidence and inspiration. All of our kits come with quality supplies for basketcraft and detailed instructions.

You can make a 4″-6′ coiled basket with the COMPLETE PINE NAIL BASKET Kit. You will learn multiple stitches. Enjoyable and relaxing.
The kit is packaged in a plastic bag which can be used as a storage container for materials while making your basket.

They are containers made of woven material. Baskets are essential to the human race because they can be used for storing food and transporting resources. Worldwide, humans have made baskets from native materials for daily needs and tasks. Basketry can be used for both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

Basketry fragments found around the world have taught archaeologists and history a lot about ancient cultures. The oldest basketry pieces date back to Egypt, and are approximately 12,000 years old. Basketry is still a major human activity.

How to weave a pine-needle basket.

You will learn step-by-step how to coil a fragrant pine-needle basket that you design. You can choose from eight simple basketry stitches, and many different basket shapes. While you stitch your basket you will develop mindfulness, a wonderful and calming activity.

This project will take some time. This project could take up to 6 hours spread over several days.

Kit includes pine needles, tapestry needles, raffia and color photos.
What you will need is: water, a pot to boil needles or soak them in, a towel, pliers, rulers and scissors.
This basket can be made in a size between 4″ and 6″.
For younger children, an adult must be present.
Made in USA