OLYCRAFT 21 Yard Paper Weaving Cane 3/5 Inch Paper Rattan Cane 12-Ply Fibre Rush for Rattan Woven Making and Fibre Rush Weaving – Burlywood

  • [(Paper weaving cane )A green natural material that can be used to weave and combining many strands of splitable, paper ropes that are thin and flexible.
  • [(Premium Quality)[(Premium Quality)] –Paper weaving is more flexible as bamboo or rattan. It is able to be cut, split and connected. They are water-proof and durable and the final products are resistant to deformation.
  • [(Dimensions)approximately 20m/21.8 length per yard; 15.5mm/0.6 inches in total length, 12 plies combined approximately 3/64 inch thick for a single rope of paper.
  • [(Wide Application)[(Wide Application)] — The tough paper cane with moderate stiffness and flex is the best option for the weaver who wants to create baskets for household use chairs, tray, decorations for the home and toys.
  • [(How to split the Paper Rope)at the point where the rope of paper needs to be divided, you can scissor about 5cm. Vertically insert either a PP tape or ruler and use the ruler or tape to separate the paper rattan.

OLYCRAFT Paper Weaving Cane–Environmentally friendly, renewable, waterproof and durable
It is more soft than rattan and bamboo It is easy to weave
Ideal for the creation of chairs, household baskets and trays, home decor and even toys

Warm Notice:
Colors and sizes could differ from images used as reference due to mistakes in measurement and the various lighting conditions for shooting.