Cherokee Double Wall Basket Kit

  • Purchase with confidence knowing that our kits have 30+ years of expert development with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Our kits are the perfect way to learn or develop the timeless craft of basket weaving!

Basket Weaving Kits For Sale – Product Description

CHEROKEE DOUBLE WALL KIT with #2 round reed and #2 smoked reed. This wonderful basket kit is one of our most popular designs: easy, fun and woven in two shades of reed. Measures approximately 6″ wide and 4″ tall. Our easy to understand instructions and very detailed pattern make this is an excellent size for learning this technique. Perfect for multicultural projects for ages 14 and up. V.I. Reed & Cane, Inc. is in its 35th year and 2nd generation as a veteran-owned family business. We are proud to sell our own high quality, Made in the USA basket and seat weaving kits as well as a wide range of other supplies.