Rayher 6502800 Rattan Round Reed for Basket Making and Weaving, Coil of Reeds 1lb, Round, No 8

  • Make your own basket with this pre-coiled reed for basketry.It is a natural and sustainable material for various weaving techniques to make unique baskets. Make Easter baskets small storage bins and bread baskets using this weave material.
  • Then paint your baskets in order so that they stand out. The easiest method of doing this is to use spray paints like the chalky-finish spray paint, or even acrylic paint. With the fine mist from the spray paint, you can ensure that you get to every nook and cranny.
  • Let the reed in the basket sit for a few minutes before beginning your work. After it has been soaked, the reed is very flexible and is easy to use. Make sure to weave your items when the reeds remain damp to avoid damage and friction. material.
  • The Rattan Reed is of the finest quality and is sold in 1lb coils.
  • Basket Reed Basket Reed has 3mm of diameter (No. 8)

This material can be used to create spokes for the basket’s frame and as weavers for the square or round shape of your basket. It is a great Fibre to use for baskets, and many other DIY projects such as creating a DIY Reed Diffuser or decorative items to decorate your home.