Rattan Cane Webbing Roll 24 Inch Width x 35 Inch Length, Open Weave Wicker Webbing for DIY Home Projects and Furniture, Natural Rattan Fabric Caning Material for Chairs and Cabinets (2 Feet x 3 Feet)

  • RATTAN WEBBING ROLL Refresh your furniture and provide your home with a stylish modern look by adding wicker to your furniture or cabinets. Recycle old furniture by applying our caning material to tables, screens and other art projects you can make throughout the house.
  • Sustainable and natural The wicker fabric we offer is made from the 100% pure natural rattan that is imported by Southeast Asia. The rattan fabric is non-bleached and natural in its color. The cane webbing is beautiful in natural light, and is able to hold paint and dye beautifully.
  • High-Quality CANE FABRIC It is lightweight and flexible Cane webbing is thoroughly tested and inspected for high-quality. This durable material is clean and doesn’t break during use this material, making it an excellent option for refacing furniture.
  • AFFORDABLE MATERIAL TO USE You can use this webbing to create craft projects as well as to enhance the look of furniture and old cabinets. We recommend soaking the fabric under warm, water for 15-30 minutes prior to using it to make it more flexible and more manageable to use.
  • Perfect for DIY projects The webbing rolls of rattan is an ideal material to make furniture or crafting projects. Instead of throwing away things make sure you transform vintage pieces to midcentury modern, boho, or the shabby chic style.
  • AUTHENTIC RATTAN Our Rattan Webbing comes from a purely natural product dried, then hand-woven into sheets by skilled workers. Since this is an organic product the distinctive feature of the fabric is that it will bear the distinct characteristics of the rattan canes. They are regarded as a symbol that the authenticity and value of the species of rattan used and are widely accepted and admired. They are a sign of rattan from nature that has not been disguised with veneers or synthetic ingredients.
  • 100% GUARANTEE Satisfaction is number one. If you’re not happy with the purchase we’ll replace your item or refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Rattan Webbing Roll, 24 x 35 Inch

Are you looking for a creative method of giving an old piece of furniture a new look? Use our natural rattan weave roll for the next project you make. It will add an eclectic shabby chic style to your chairs or cabinets. Keep your home green and sustainable by making simple projects like changing the mesh of your cabinet doors using the wicker webbing or updating the backs of your chairs using this rattan material. The pliable, yet extremely durable fabric is a simple home decor option to renovating or upscaling your furniture as well as other projects that require rattan. It is recommended to soak in water for 15-30 minutes to make the material to in a flat manner and to enable it to be handled and use, particularly in awkward areas. Pick between two lengths – 3 feet (35 inches) or 5.6 feet (67 inches).

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